Monday, April 12, 2010

Sowing Leeks

Today, I sowed leeks directly into my back yard veggie bed.  I used my nifty weeder that my neighbor, Gaynell, gave me for Christmas.  It's perfect because it's about 1/2" deep which helps me to measure the depth of the little trenches that I made for sowing the leek seeds.

I sowed a couple of seeds every 6 inches.  When the seeds germinate and grow a little, I thin out the leeks until there is about 1 leek every 6 inches. As they mature, I will put little 1/2 toilet paper tube collars around the bottoms of each leek to blanch them so that I will have a larger edible portion of each leek.


  1. I like the toilet paper tube idea. Just last week I piled up mulch around mine to bleach them but I can't get it to stay put high up around the leek stem. Now I better tell everyone around to save me those toilet papers tubes!

  2. Good luck with the leeks! Happy Spring gardening!


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