Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Potting Up Matt's Tomatoes


I had to thin out the seedlings that Matt gave to me. The black cherry tomato pot had more than 25 seedlings.

First, I poured a high quality seedling mix (NOT what I used when all my seedlings turned purple and grew scrawny) into a large pot to make potting easier.

Then I took the hunk of seedlings out of the pot and gently teased individual seedlings out of the root clump, trying to get as much root as possible with each seedling. I removed the lower leaves from the seedlings.

I chose the strongest looking seedlings with the largest clump of roots to pot up since I had so many seedlings.  Tomato plants will grow roots along their stems if the stems are buried, so it is a good idea to bury a good portion of the stem when tomato seedlings are potted up.  I buried a good 3-4" of stem for each tomato plant.

I ended up with 18 black cherry tomatoes.  I'll  use a couple of them and give the rest away to friends, neighbors, and gardeners who come to the Central Indiana Plant Swap.


  1. Is that ALL you got done on your day off??

  2. No, I also edged my garden beds, potted up some iris, and attended a meeting.


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