Friday, April 2, 2010

Ground bees!

Today when I was out in my garden, I noticed that there were hundreds of bees swarming over my lawn. Then I saw their mounds and holes. Terrible things ran through my mind. I went inside to find information on the Internet about ground bees. What I found out was reassuring.

Apparently, ground bees come out for about 4 weeks in the spring and then go dormant until the next year. They are not aggressive. Since I don't have much risk of getting stung by them, I can just leave them alone this year.  They are attracted to dry ground that has bare spots. If I fill in the spots with some grass seed, then I should create an inhospitable place for the bees next year.  I was going to grass in the spots anyway, so this remedy is no big deal.

Of course, if they turn out to be aggressive, I may be able to encourage them to move on by soaking the ground every day for a couple of days.  They don't like wet soil and will leave.  At least I hope so.

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