Saturday, April 3, 2010

Planting in the Rain

I was excited this morning to sow my greens and carrots in the alley bed.  As soon as I stepped outside, I felt a couple of raindrops.  I thought that I could at least get some of the seeds sown before the rain started to come down hard, and if I were lucky, the rain would remain light.

I really wanted to sow my sweet mesclun mix, gourmet mesclun mix, herb salad mix, spinach, kaleidoscope carrot mix, and nantes carrots.

So, I loaded up the wheel barrow which already had soil from edging the beds in it, and I wheeled it back to the end of the alley.

I got four rows in before the rain started coming down hard and I was beginning to feel soggy.  I gave up and will have to finish the sowing tomorrow.

I was able to take off my wet clothes, but unfortunately my garden helpers have to stay in the laundry/dog/mud room until they are dry enough to come into the rest of the house.  They are NOT happy about it, either.

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