Monday, April 5, 2010

Potting Up Plants for the Plant Swap

Earlier, I wrote a post about the Central Indiana Plant Swap, which is an opportunity for gardeners who live around Indianapolis to come together to give away their extra plants and receive new plants.  There is no charge for this event.  This year it will be at Holiday Park in Indianapolis on May 16th at 2pm.  For more information, click here.  Please join us.  The more people that come, the better the plant selection will be!

As I'm cleaning up my yard this spring, I am potting up divisions for the swap.

I just load up my wheel barrow with potting supplies
and dig up stray and overgrown perennials as I encounter them.

Since my garden is maturing, some of my plants are 
growing in to each other.  Here you can see my hardy 
geranium and a viburnum sucker spreading into my iris.
I'm taking the geranium and viburnum sucker to 
to the plant swap.

So far, I have potted up
3 lamium (either pink pewter or purple dragon)
6 sweet woodruff
3 hellebores/Lenten Rose (either pink or cream)
6 monarda/bee balm (Jacob Klein-red)
2 purple coneflower
1 salvia (May Night-purple)
6 short bearded reblooming iris (yellow, purple, or light blue---probably purple)
3 hardy geranium (pink)
1 stargazer lily
1 daylily-probably blacked eyed stella, but I'm not certain
1 snowball viburnum

I'll post a list of the plants that I dig up for the swap and maybe some photos of them in their summer glory after I dig them up, so check back over the next month to see what new additions I will bring to the swap.  I still have my back yard perennials to pot up and I'll have some extra vegetable seedlings.

Here's what I have for the swap so far.  These plants are 
from my front yard.  I haven't started on the back, yet.

Marci reminded me to water the plant swap plants.

Here are photos some of the plants that I will take to the plant swap:

These iris are about 18" tall and bloom 
in both the spring and fall in Indiana.

You can see the red monarda that I'm bringing to the
swap in this photo.  I haven't seen how the other plants
are growing yet, because some of them are just starting to 
emerge, but I will likely also bring some liatris (bottom 
left), some Helen Von Stein lamb's ear (bottom right), and 
heliopsis (top right).

Purple coneflower
I'm not sure which variety the cone flower is,
because something, probably a bird, sowed
several of them in my yard.  They were a
wonderful gift, but enough is enough :)

Sweet woodruff (on the left)

Hardy geranium

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