Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Onions and Shallots Are Coming Up

I planted my red onions and shallots a couple of weeks ago.  They are poking through the soil.  I'm relieved because I should have planted the shallots last fall.  They overwintered in my mudroom and were pretty dry by the time I got around to planting them last month.  I don't see a lot of them poking through, yet.  I suspect that some of them didn't make it through the winter indoors, but I should see at least a few more.


  1. Hi Katie. I have been reading your blog today and am excited your plants have started sprouting. I found my first onion plant this evening and am so excited! This is also my first year with a vegetable garden, but I have actually never grown ANYTHING before! Continued luck during this growing season :)


  2. You are going to have a GREAT time with your new garden and blog.


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