Monday, May 3, 2010

Harvest Monday

I finally got to harvest something that I planted this year. My volunteer lettuces were ready to cut today.

I filled a colander with an assortment of lettuces. I also pinched off some basil and flat leaf parsley from plants that I bought at a farmer's market this weekend.

I used the lettuce to make a salad to share with my neighbor, Gaynell, and her husband, Ken. I rinsed and dried the lettuce. On top of the lettuce, I placed avocado, tomatoes, and crumbled goat cheese. To finish the salad off, I sprinkled the fresh chopped flat leafed parsley and basil. I made a dressing out of pomegranate balsamic vinegar and blood orange olive oil. We ate the salad with pork loin that was marinated in a Hawaiian barbecue sauce.


  1. YUM!!!! Wish I had eaten that tonight :)

  2. Very nice looking salad! The dressing sounds yummy also. Did you make the flavored vinegar and oil?

  3. I buy the oil and vinegar from s store that specializes in selling oil, vinegar, spices, and salts. I first found the vinegar while on vacation in Florida. I LOVED it. Recently a store opened in Indianapolis that carries it.

    The stores that carry the vinegar all have the same set up. There are several small vats of different olive oils and vinegars. Customers are given small plastic "shot glasses" to try the oils and vinegars. They are good enough to drink by themselves.

  4. Oh yummy. Now I'm hungry again. What a way to dress up some lettuce.


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