Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Central Indiana Plant Swap 2010

I haven't written much for the past week. I was out of town on business. When I returned, I had to prepare for the plant swap. I had most of my plants dug up and ready to go but I still had a few to finish at the last minute. I finished the potting on Saturday and Sunday morning, and then I labelled the plants with popsicle sticks marked with the plant names. I ended up taking about 180 plants. I had several in gallon pots, but most were in 4" pots. I managed to fill my trunk, back seat, and front seat. It was a tight squeeze, but I got all the plants into my car. 

There were about 30 traders at the swap.  The picture above was taken near the end of the swap because I was too excited to remember to take photos for most of the swap. We had everything from Jack Frost brunnera and daylilies to birdhouses and old gardening magazines.

I stopped getting plants after several rounds because I already had or didn't want what was left. I have many different perennials in my garden, so I don't need a lot of new plants. However, I chose some lovely plants.  I choose coral bells, shasta daisies, dwarf yellow reblooming iris, pink asters, lavender bearded iris, pink anemone, scented geranium, and lady's mantle.  I also snagged a dozen or so English gardening magazines, a birdhouse, and a garden-themed tote bag. I'm pleased with my haul.

My sister brought home red monarda, sweet william, daylilies, obedient plant (I warned her, but she won't listen to me....), and columbine, among others plants that I can't recall right now.  She also stopped after a couple of rounds because she had gotten all that she wanted.

Some gardeners who needed more plants, were able to take more plants home:

A guy named Russ is organizing a fall plant swap.  If you want to find out more information about the Central Indiana Fall Plant Swap, go to the 'get togethers' forum at the www.gardenweb.com plant forums later in the summer.  He shall have posted details by August.


  1. fall plant swap sounds interesting! can people exchange something big like a wood burning stove?

  2. has the 2012 plant swap been rescheduled yet? It could even be on the same day... just a new park would need to be selected: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_parks_in_Indianapolis

    1. Or better yet, it could be on the 6th or 13th


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