Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wet Weekend I-Perennial Gardens

I haven't accomplished much in my garden this week other than to raise a strong crop of weeds.  Work has been hectic and it's been raining.  Since it's raining today and supposed to rain tomorrow, I decided to post some photos of my perennial gardens and give an update of how my veggies are growing.

Today, I should have been planting my annual flowers.

Since it was raining, I decided to take pictures of my shade bed instead. This bed is on the north side of the front of my house.

This hosta is sagae.  I love its 3 foot tall vase-shaped habit.

In this back corner of the shade bed, I used to have a compost pile.  It was fairly well hidden from the street by a viburnum and a Japanese maple that the previous owners planted.  Neither the maple nor the viburnum have done well because they get too much shade.  The maple is now dead and the viburnum is   pitiful.  One of my spring projects will be to replace the Japanese maple with a pagoda dogwood and plant some hostas.

I think that the bright green in the pagoda dogwood's leaves will brighten up the corner. 

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  1. I love that tall hosta! We have hostas lining the front of our house and in a small triangle space near our garage...but that hosta is sooo cool!! I've never seen anything like that :) And I love the color of green in the dogwood's leaves. That will be a bright, cheery addition to the corner!


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