Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a Hoe!

I loathe weeding.  I usually can only get through it with the help of Peter Frampton, the Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, and George Thorogood. [In reality, it often takes my sister coming over and making me weed.  Even then, I have a limited attention span for weeding.]

Last summer as I was hand weeding my beds and whining to my neighbor, Gaynell, she told me that I needed a Dutch hoe.  She brought hers over for me to try and I loved it.  It was a slim hand held hoe with a knife-sharp blade.  I went out that day and found one at Smith Hawkins.  Now, I'm a frugal person, so for me to buy something at SH means that I REALLY want something badly and can't find it anywhere else.  They called it a Japanese hoe.

This hoe slices through weeds like they're nothing.  It does a nice job of running about an inch under the surface of the soil so it does wonders with grass and plantain lilies.  I can even sharpen it in my electric knife sharpener.  Today, I used it to removed all the tiny weeds from my beds and it was wonderful.  I thought that others out there who hate weeding might find this tool useful.

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