Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wet Weekend II-The Veggies

Today, I wanted to plant my tomato seedlings.  I looked at the weather forecast until our frost free date, May 10, and the predictions indicate that it shouldn't get below 45 degrees.  I know that the predictions aren't perfect, but I can always plant my plant swap tomatoes if a frost kills my planted tomatoes.  The plant swap isn't until May 16th, so I will have my replacement tomatoes should anything go wrong.

Instead of planting tomatoes, I took pictures of my vegetables.  Tomorrow will be my first day for lettuce harvesting.  I finally have enough to make a salad.  

My container potatoes are looking beautiful.  They are getting tall enough that it's time to add some more organic material to the pot.  I'll probably sprinkle in some aged compost and some leaves.

Maybe I will be able to do some work in my garden on Tuesday.  On Monday, I'm sure that the soil will be too wet to work with or walk on.

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  1. It has rained like crazy here this week also; but even worse has been the wind! It's awful!! Your potatoes are beautiful...since we decided to move and increase the number of potatoes we planted we're a little behind...but we've already covered up roots once so I know they're working under there!

    Our frost date is May 10th also...we're only about 5 hours from Indy, in northern Illinois. I SO want to get tomatoes started. I hope you don't get any crazy freezes! I think I'll look up our weather too and get some plants when we head out to Home Depot this week :) Yippee!!!


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