Monday, May 10, 2010

Planting Tomatoes

I finally got to plant my tomatoes.  Today I had both time and dry weather!

I planted the following tomatoes:
black cherry
black krim
bloody butcher
chocolate stripes
Fred Limbaugh
Henderson's Wins All
Italian heirloom
Japanese trifele
mortgage lifter
orange Russian
supersweet 100
sweet tangerine
Wolford's wonder

Here's a tomato 'pineapple' seedling.

I pinched off the lower leaves so that I could bury the stem deep. Tomatoes do much better if they are buried deep. Their stems, if buried, will develop roots all along the buried part of the stem. Burying a lot of the stem allows the tomatoes to grow an extensive root system.

I dug a 6-10"deep hole for each tomato plant and added some used coffee grounds and crushed egg shell the the dirt in the bottom of each hole. In the past, I have had problems with end rot on my tomatoes. End rot is caused by a calcium deficiency in the soil. The egg shells will slowly release calcium around the roots of the tomato plants. Bone meal can also be used as a source of calcium. The coffee grounds will serve as a source of extra nitrogen to the growing plants.

Finally, I buried the tomato plants deeply in the bed.  I probably buried 70-80% of each plant.

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