Sunday, March 27, 2011

Propagating Rosemary

I want more rosemary plants for my garden, my sister, & Gaynell, my neighbor. I decided to try starting some from cuttings.

I bought a rosemary plant that with several branches. I cut off each branch, leaving about a half an inch of green on each branch on the plant. I want to still use the mother plant.

Then I cut each branch in half and stripped off the lower leaves from each section. I dipped the leafless stems in rooting hormone.

Finally, I placed each rosemary piece in its own wet peat pellet and put the rosemary plants in a plastic shoebox. The rosemary box will join the other plants on my growing light shelves. I made 15 starts because I know that not all the cuttings will take root. I'll take the extras, if there are any, to the Central Indiana Plant Swap.


  1. Hello from Missouri! I just found your blog! I'll be following! Your photos are wonderful! Your asparagus made my heart skip a beat! Cant wait to see more!!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I checked out your blog, too. It looks like you are off to a great start.

  3. great idea. my big rosemary bush died again this winter - it was an unusually cold one this year.

  4. I tried to overwinter mine indoors, but, like every year, I managed to kill it.

  5. Hello from another historic Indpls neighborhood -- or perhaps the same one! I bet your neighbor is my friend ;) I've been following your blog for a while now, just hoping for timely gardening inspiration based on my own area. Every May I find myself wishing I'd started sooner!

    My asparagus hasn't begun to come up at all, and I suspect i live within walking distance of you. Ack!!!! I *did* want to move it, but starting all over wasn't really my plan. Running outside to peek again!

    Thanks for your blog - it's nice to "meet" you :)

  6. Howdy, neighbor! I bet you do know Gaynell. She knows everyone! I live in the house to the north of her house. I walk my dogs around the neighborhood all the time. I'm the one with the two cocker spaniels. If you see me, let me know it's you!

    Not all of my asparagus is up yet and some of it is just emerging, so don't lose hope!

    You can have some rosemary, too, if you want it. I'll also have some extra tomato seedlings.


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