Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Central Indiana Plant Swap

We're having another Central Indiana Plant Swap on May 15th! Please come and bring your gardening friends and family.  Information about the event is posted below.  I also have several posts from last year about how I prepared for the event, what kinds of plants that I took (to give you some ideas of what I might take this year), and what the event was like.

One of last year's participants organizing her 'loot'

Posted on the Gardenweb Get-Together Forum:
Central Indiana Spring Plant Swap 2011 
Sunday, May 15, 2011, 2:00 pm 
Holliday Park, 6363 Spring Mill Road, Indianapolis, IN 46260 

PLEASE tell all your gardening friends, family, and colleagues! We're having the Central Indiana Fall Plant Swap on May 15th. We are encouraging all gardeners to participate! We typically have perennials, annuals, bulbs, tubers, herbs, vegetables, and shrubs. There's no cost to participate. Just bring in your divisions, leftovers, and extra plants! 
Directions inside the park: Once you enter the park take an immediate left. Then pull into the first parking lot on the right. We will be under the giant sycamore tree. You can bring tables, chairs and plants to share.

- You must bring at least one dozen (12) plants - some people bring more than 50. (I usually bring 100+)
- At least two (2) varieties of plants - try to bring one plant that is extra special.
- All plants need to be clearly identified with plant name and care --
(Examples: HOSTA: Halcyon, Shade. * DAYLILY: Happy Returns, Sun)
- For best results plants should NOT be dug up and divided that day. Allow a week or two of special care, to make sure the potted plants are not stressed from being dug up.

Perennials well rooted cuttings potted up, bulbs, shrubs, happy seedlings, garden ornaments, extra gardening implements, gardening magazines and books, etc.
You can also print out pictures of the mature plants during peak bloom times. You can go to an online nursery that sells the plants and paste the care instructions into a document.
It is also helpful if you post here what you might bring. That way, we can get an idea of what will be at the swap and people can research a particular plant to see if they want to choose it during the swap.

We will do the swap in the ROUND ROBIN Format - it works well for this group, and is a lot of fun:
*Round One - pick one plant *Next Round - pick one plant *Next Round - pick two plants *Next Round - pick two plants *Next Round - pick three plants *Next Round - pick four plants *And so on . . . This way everyone gets a chance to get some of the plants they really have on eye on. This works well and other swaps have had great success with it in the past. Everyone should be able to take home as many plants as they bring.

* Post what you are planning to swap, and/or update your plant list.
* Bring a box or container labeled with your name to put your new plants.
* We plan to meet even if it rains - bring those rain coats, umbrellas, etc.
*E-mail me if you wish to be put on the plant-swap e-mail list.


  1. okay, I found the info! Is it May 15 or May 8? (you have both dates listed in this post). I can make the 15th, but not sure yet about the 8th. If you could put me on the plant swap email lsit, I would really appreciate it!

  2. It's the 15th. I made a mistake about the 8th. It's Mother's Day, so I had to change the date to the 15th. I didn't edit the announcement well enough to change all the information.

  3. I missed it! :( Anyone want to do an informal swap here soon? I am looking for bearded irises.


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