Monday, March 28, 2011

Garden Calendar-March

I live in such a fantasy world when it comes to planning what to do in my garden.  I finished a lot of the tasks, but I didn't finish it all. I had a dream of having daffodils on my front porch this spring, but I never got around to potting up any bulbs this winter. It probably would have been a bad idea anyway, since the *(^&*%^&^(&%%$@ squirrels dig up most anything that I put on the porch. I have a HUGE oak tree in my front yard with tens of thousands of acorns that fall all over my lawn.  You would think that the acorns would be enough. No, no, no.  They would rather dig up my porch plants and fling them all over the place than eat the readily available acorns.

Anyhow, back to the topic. I also didn't get to cleaning out the garage. My niece is spend the year teaching English in France.  All her furniture is in my garage. I'm not sure that I can really do much with the garage until she gets her own place. I also haven't done much with the yard.

I HAVE at least gotten most of my seed planting finished. My seedlings look great and will soon be ready to harden off.  My tomatoes are about 8 inches tall with healthy looking stems and leaves.  Thank goodness for grow lights!

This next weekend, I'm going to focus on cleaning up the yard.  I'll finish cleaning out the beds, mow over the bagged leaves that I have, use the shredded leaves for mulch, and put more mulch down in the muddy area on the north side of my house that the dogs run through.


  1. You are in zone 5! Same as our garden... This is the first year I started my vegetables from seeds in spring. I usually purchase them from the nursery. I did harden off some of my cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts and pansy ( new this year for spring salads)a few weeks ago. I'm still using covers for my beds since near the Mississippi we are still having cold nights down to 20 degrees. I can't wait until I can leave the covers off since every night we run out there and cover veggies and strawberry patch. I grew my first heirloom tomato and pepper seedlings this year, too. I 'm so excited to taste them.

  2. Since it will be getting into the 50s this week and should last at least for at least 10 days according to the 10 day forecast, I might start hardening off a lot of my vegetable seedlings. If we get a cold snap, I can just bring them in for a day or two.

    What kinds of tomatoes are you growing?

  3. Riesentraube, Mexico Midget, Krim, Black Prince,
    Cherokee Purple, Stupice, and a few more heirloom red/purple ones...a few yellow heirloom that are new this year to my garden....I tend to grow too much of everything.Last year a friend gave us tomatoes he started on a heating pad. They were so strong and healthy, I had to try to grow my own this year---- I'm hooked!!!:-)
    I also started peppers...I can hardly wait to taste them...

  4. Growing from seed is so addictive. I always have too many. We have a plant swap in Indianapolis in May. I take my extras there.

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