Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I loathe squirrels. We used to have at least a polite relationship. I have a problem with them digging up my porch plants, despite the fact that I have tens of thousands of acorns all over my yard. Now, however, they have gone too far. They dug up my fancy reblooming iris and flung it in the porch to rot.
The photo above it the shriveled up remains of what they must have dug up over the winter. I replanted it in the front bed. I hope that it's not too far gone. The other iris that I planted at the same time look like this:


  1. I feel the same way about wild rabbits. They mowed down my winter peas and then started on my scarlet runner beans...that's where I draw the line. I started spraying a hot sause/water concoction around the perimeter of my garden and directly on some plants I knew they were munching on. That slowed them down considerably.

  2. Yes! squirrels just dig up anything I have planted! grrr. I also have really bad problems with domestic cats digging up my seed bed. I can NEVER sow seeds direct into the ground because cats just dig up the newly dug soil to do their business !!! grrr

  3. Katrina: The bunnies haven't been a problem for me, but my dogs spend a lot of time in my back yard. I can't believe that they had the nerve to munch on your scarlet runner beans! It makes Mr. McGregor of Peter Rabbit fame look like a more sympathetic characters, huh?

    Matron: The guys who live down the street had the same problem, so they found an organic cat repellant and sprinkled throughout their garden. It took care of the cats but created a different problem: foxes. We live in a residential city neighborhood, so we were all surprised when the foxes started to visit their garden in the late evening. We didn't even know that we had fox in our neighborhood. Apparently one of the main ingredients in the repellant was fox urine.

  4. A neighbor of mine once said that squirrels are evil. They seem to be attracted to any place that humans have done work then they dig there - for what reason no one knows.

  5. Yeah...squirrels and rabbits. Phooey!


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