Thursday, April 14, 2011

Favorite Spring Perennial: Jack Frost Brunnera

Jack Frost Brunnera, also called Siberian Bugloss, is one of my favorite spring flowering perennials. This year in my garden, zone 5, it started blooming around April 6, and will likely give me a couple of weeks more of bloom time. I like it because it grows in fairly dry shade without any help from me. The periwinkle blue flowers look lovely when planted beside daffodils. even after the flowers are gone, the heart-shaped, variegated leaves brighten up and add texture to my shade garden.


  1. Thanks for the great reminder about this lovely plant! We moved into an apartment with a yard last fall and when the fig trees fill in, we have a lot of shade...I'm looking for plants that can tolerate it and have nice looking foliage that can continue to contribute to the garden once the flowers are done.

    I did not realize that this Brunnera is one and the same as Siberian Bugloss, which I have noted on a list (somewhere) as another plant with potential for our yard! Ha! I guess it's about time to get one of these lovelies.

    What a great site you have - I look forward to keeping up with it!

  2. Oh yes! This is one of the plants on my wish list! Maybe next year.. I've already reached (and surpassed..) my plant budget for 2011! lol I just love that color blue. We live in my mom's house now, moved in right after she passed in 2008 and she had painted this house a very pretty sky blue color. She went thru about 6 paint choices before finding the blue that was most like the sky. :) The flowers on this plant remind me so much of her love of this color.



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