Sunday, April 17, 2011

Planting Shallots

I planted 24 shallot sets this weekend. Many books recommend planting them in the fall, but you can also plant them in the spring for a late summer harvest. They should be planted a inch or two deep and about 6 inches apart. Just make sure that their necks stick out a little bit above the soil line. It's important to keep the shallot rows well weeded. Their shallow roots system doesn't do well with weed competition.


  1. Another goody on my to-do list. I just don't have a good spot here yet..I love cooking with shallots, especially caramelizing them. yum! I hope they grow well for you!


  2. I love cooking with shallots too - great to know you can plant them in the spring for a fall harvest! Space is at a premium in our small yard here in Brooklyn, and I'm always looking for things that can handle being planted in containers...any idea if shallots can tolerate it?


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