Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Favorite Combinations: Autumn Sunset Climbing Rose and Blue Light Clematis

Autumn sunset climbing roses are one of my favorite climbers.  It grows in zones 5-10.  In zone 5, it blooms prolifically for me in May and June and I get sporadic blooms over the rest of the summer and fall. It blooms better in cooler rather than hotter weather.  I add some composted horse manure to it every year and make sure to water it weekly in really dry weather. It has been easy to grow.

Blue light clematis has a gorgeous blue flower. It thrives in zones 4-8 in full sun to part shade. I planted it next to my climbing rose and it uses the rose as a climbing support. It blooms most prolifically at the blooming peak of the autumn sunset rose so they look stunning together. Like the autumn sunset, it blooms sporadically throughout the summer except for in the intense heat of August. Like the rose, it gets a shovel full of composted horse manure every spring and weekly waterings during dry periods. This clematis was a slow starter for me. The first couple of years, it only bloomed a little and the vine was quite small.  It's in its fourth year and now produces an abundance of blooms.


  1. Hi Katie. What a wonderful combination together. I love blues with yellows. Since I am in zone 5 I will be checking out these two. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I never got around to planting any roses this year. They must smell spectacular.

  3. Thanks for the complements.

    The roses do smell wonderful, but they are lightly scented, so I have to stick my nose right in them. I definitely take time to smell the roses!


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