Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gardening Resolutions

I commit many, many gardening sins.  This year, I will have better garden behavior.  In recognition of the first warm garden days of the year, here's a list of what I resolve to do better:

1.  I will no longer grow plants from seeds only to see them languish, unplanted, on the side of my house in what has become known as the plant graveyard.

My plant grave yard

2.  I will weed for 10 minutes a day so that I don't have to spend hours removing the jungle of weeds that develop around mid-August because I though it was too hot to weed in July.
3.  I will save heirloom seeds from my annuals, perennials, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.  I will use these seeds next year and I will trade them with other gardeners so that I can get new varieties.
4.  I will not try to grow any more plants that are not suited for my garden.  This list includes anything that needs a lot of moisture, acid, etc (with the exception of the blueberries that I am growing in containers).  I know what my limitations are and I'm really not going to put in all that extra effort to nurse a marginal plant along.
5.  I will follow my mother's 'three years and you're out' rule.  If a plant doesn't perform well (or show promise) after being in my yard for three years, then it gets yanked and replaced with something that will have a chance of thriving.
6.  I will label all my tomatoes and herbs so that I will know which variety they are so that I can save their seeds.
7.  I will save household containers to start seeds in next year.
8.  I will try to propagate as many plants as I can.  I will only purchase plants if I can't propagate them.
9.  I will only buy plants if I already have the hole dug before I go to the store.
10.  I will take many photos and blog about my garden.

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  1. Dig the hole before shopping--brilliant! Will borrow that idea if this rain ever stops!


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