Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gardening Outside in January!

I took advantage of the balmy 40 degree weather to finish up some gardening that I didn't get around in the fall. I had 80 daffodil bulbs to plant. I have the terrible habit of waiting until December to plant bulbs. There's nothing like celebrating Christmas a week or so early by trying to dig holes during an ice storm and hoping that the ground doesn't get too hard to dig. Unfortunately, this year I was not able to participate in this annual celebration because we got an early snowstorm. I also know that trying to force the bulbs in pots in the spring doesn't work well for me because of the *#@!*&%*&#^ squirrels that like to dig into and destroy anything that I set on my front porch. I got lucky with this thaw that we have had for the last couple of days. I was able to plant the bulbs in my front and back yards. I also emptied all the pots in my plant grave yard, picked up litter out of my yard and alley, and disposed of previously frozen dog bombs. Finally, I collected some dirt in tubs so that I can mix it with coffee grounds, peat, and coir to make the soil mix for my seedlings this spring when I pot them up.


  1. Your efforts will give you a wonderful show of Spring colour. Where did you plant the bulbs?

  2. I planted several in clumps in my backyard and the remainder on each side of the walkway to my front porch.


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