Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Resolution #2: Weeding

My second resolution from last year was "I will weed for 10 minutes a day so that I don't have to spend hours removing the jungle of weeds that develop around mid-August because I though it was too hot to weed in July."
When I was on top of my weeding

The vegetable garden of shame

I had mixed results on this resolution. I bought a Japanese garden hoe which was supersharp to make weeding easier.  I love it because it makes weeding so much faster.  However, you actually have to use it in order to keep the weeds at bay. I was really good in the spring at weeding. In July, when it got hot and I had to work all month, it was all over. The weeds took over by August and it was ugly. I couldn't face the jungle, so I hired my neighbor's granddaughter to weed for me.  She's good, fast, and knows what she's doing. She was totally worth it! 


  1. Ahhh, my veggie garden was pristine and weed free. BUT...I think my house looked abandoned by the looks of my front yard! I mean it got mowed, and I think I got the weed eater out once, but I spent so much time in the back yard, I just refused to believe the front yard even existed. If I have a resolution for 20100, it will be to at least keep the front yard looking half way presentable, even if I do get a few weeds out back.

  2. My front yard isn't usually too bad. It's not that I'm vigilant. I just have a lot of shade.

  3. That June / July comment cracked me up! I am the same way.. super good and diligent about it til the heat and humidity kicks in. I'm such an A/C lover! :P


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