Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Squirrel Buffet

My younger dog, Marci, likes to look out the window overlooking my front porch. She rests her elbows on the back of the sofa in front of the window and scans the street and sidewalk. She watches for people and dogs to walk on her sidewalk. Then she barks what I suspect might be some obscenities.  She's not a very refined dog.  

For the past couple of weeks, she has started to bark at what I assumed was nothing. She would start one of her tirades and I would look out the window.  I saw nothing.  I saw nothing because I wasn't looking closely enough.  We had squirrel intruders.  Neither the dogs nor I are very fond of the squirrels.  They are rude house guests. I've been angry with them ever since I moved into the house and they dug up all my porch plants and flung them across the porch and front lawn.  Because of these little &%#$#, I can't have any potted daffodils on my front porch in the spring. The dogs don't like the squirrels because they run along the top of the fence and taunt them.

I found the evidence of the squirrel activity this morning and I had to apologize to Marci for questioning her instincts:
Lately, the squirrels have been digging up acorns from my lawn 

and eating them on my front porch.

I don't mind if they eat the acorns.  I just hope that they won't dig up my daffodil bulbs.


  1. Ha ha! My younger dog does the same thing, but she puts her butt up on the arm of the couch and lays there to look out the window. She is also taunted by the rats with fuzzy tails. Dogs are funny.

  2. My Annie, who is too fat to jump up on the sofa (she has a stool), has no problem climbing up to perch on the back, where she can watch for squirrels/cars/bikes/people (in WA), rabbits/cars/bikes/people (AZ), then go into her barking frenzy. We got a new sofa (in WA) that has very soft, down cushions on the back, and she practically sinks back down to seat level when she lays up there! At least she gets some exercise up north, as she can run out the pet door to chase those pesky squirrels.


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